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Jesus gave us the task of making disciples of all nations, and we know that eventually there will be people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation around his throne. Yet right now in 2015 there are still over 6,824 unreached people groups in the world.

Even more astonishing, there are 3,248 people groups who are not only unreached, but no one is even trying to reach them. Mission strategists call them “unengaged.” After 2,000 years, it should be unthinkable to us as the church of Jesus Christ that there would be any unengaged people groups left in the world.

Finishing the Great Commission can be defined in different ways, but what is most important is that we start to finish the task. It will be accomplished primarily through local congregations planting indigenous churches among the people groups they adopt.

But we do not have to go so far to find unreached people. Close at home we can find lots of people who did not hear who the real Jesus christ is. some do have a vague idea, or have weird ideas made up from all different notations. There are many atheists who have send ideas about Jesus into the world which many people do want to believe, without checking it out.

C4All or christ For all want tos show who Christ Jesus, Jeshua from Nazareth really was and what his role is in history of humankind. We want to unruffle all the fantasy stories which have nothing to do with historical reality nor with Biblical reality. Too many people do have a twisted or deformed idea about Jesus from Nazareth, who is called the son of God, the Kristos or Christ and Messiah.

C4All wants to stimulate you and many others to come to get to know the real Jesus from Nazareth, born in Bethlehem in the tribe of King David. Our messages is to continue the work of the first followers of Christ, making the works of Jesus be known and to show the Way to the Father of us and Jesus, Who created the universe.

We want others on their own or with their church to reach out and to witness for God, following up the taks Jesus gave his disciples, to go out in the world and to preach the Good News of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

We want to show the world that each individual can follow Jesus and start from his own house to build up part of the Body of Christ. Each individual can follow Jesus and start a house church, making a strong community of lovers of Jesus, who want to share the Good News of Jesus with all those around them.

Like the apostles started from their own little place and made the church grow we can do that to day as well. But this will demand spirit and courage to come out for God's Word and to be not afraid to tell others you believe in Christ and that you have the hope and trust in the salvation on all by the death of this man who lived about two thousand years ago.

As the apostle started to preach in public places, synagogues, temples, private houses and started to create meeting places in their private houses, making church, we too can make church today and bring the Word of God to others.
We should not hesitate. We should stimulate each other.
C4All want to help in this stimulation and wants to offer spiritual support. C4All also wants to be a contact point where people can share their faith and feel their connection with Jesus Christ. In Christ we all want to be bounded to the faith in the One God, Who has prepared for us a Kingdom, in which we would like to meet each other in the near future in peace and total security.

You personally should not wait until you are joined by others; You can start wherever you are. When you wait for somebody else before taking action it can well be nothing shall happen. But when you take action, also when you are on your own, and do want to show patience, it can grow.
We want to show you that you are not on your own. You can be connected with us, with brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world, who want to share the love of Christ with eachother and who want to bring the Word of God to as many people as they can.

It is high time to spread the Good News and to get people meeting with each other, making church.
Your church can start reaching one or more unengaged people groups today.

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