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Open bible with glasses
Open bible with glasses

As soon as we open our Bibles to Genesis, to the “beginning,” we begin to read of contrasts:

The Uncreated God creates creation, comprised of heavens and earth. Order is formed out of disorder, as God creates light and darkness, night and day.

The corporeal substance that comes from incorporeal spirit is both nonliving and living, and the living is divided into male and female, and the contrasted humans are placed into an idyllic garden where they confront two contrasting trees (the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of the contrast between good and evil).

Faced with choice of obedience or disobedient rebellion, Adam and Eve face the consequences of life or death, and the contrasts of blessings or curses. True to life, even in the first three chapters, the Bible is replete with the counteraction of contrasts, as it is throughout.

With the Bible we see our lives presented full of contrasts, inclusive laws of opposites like it has been a phrase used in physics, philosophy, physiology, as well as morality, magic, and computers.

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