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In the northern sphere of the globe we can find millions of immigrants now living in the US, Canada, and Europe who are from nations which do not have religious freedom. They have neither heard nor had access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Though we also find lots of people who have all material wealth and who had enough opportunities to hear about Jesus Christ but did not want to know about him. They prefer to make the best of their life without any religious intervention.

The world has been warned for what would happen in the future. People can ignore all prophesy presented in the bible, or take it at heart.
The people who have found God and who have found the son of this Only One God do know the importance of the present signs and of the necessity to know Jesus Christ. Lovers of God are also lovers of God's Creation, wanting to have the best for that creation and willing to protect all that is in that creation. Therefore we want to take care of that creation and proclaim the works of God and Jesus so that more people shall be able to find the Way to the Divine Creator.

With our outreach ministry, Christ for All serves to aid those who call themselves "Christian" in reaching immigrants and non-believers in the world with the Gospel.

Christ for All is Biblical faith based, not connected to one specific organization, made up of free Brothers and Sisters in Christ or Free Christadelphians, assisting the Body of Christ in reaching immigrants, heathen other-believers and non-believers, with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We believe our task is to:

  • initiate awareness in the church of God and the body of Christ
  • facilitate training
  • communicate opportunities
  • provide resources
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