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Focussing on oneness with Jesus like Jesus is one with God

The Apostle Paul (Saul) who was a dynamic leader first in the Jewish community, later in the Christian community, as a co-constructor or co-founder of Christianity and the church of Jesus Christ, focused on Jesus as the Kristos or Christ, the son of God given to all for salvation.

As a Jew, Saul/Paul was keenly aware of the culture of the Jewish people and their customs, but recognized growth was necessary for his people to follow Jesus the Christ. Paul’s central message throughout his ministry focused on a simple concept: to become like Jesus Christ and live a life in accordance with his teachings and example. (I Co. 11:1, Ep. 5:1, 4:22-24, Ga. 3.27, Ro. 8:29) In establishing Christianity, Paul was on a journey to change the culture of the Jewish people to embrace a new reality given to them by Jesus.

Saul/Paul like all the other apostles of the first hour knew that there exists only One God and all praised the God of Abraham, Who is One. Those chosen by Christ at several occasions said to Jesus who they thought he was and Jesus confirmed their thinking. Their eyes where opened by God so that they could see in Jesus the promised Messiah. It took some time before they dared to come out with it, but after the Holy spirit had given them sight and courage they went out into the world to confess what they had seen and heard and how they followed the man who they believed was God's son sent to all people in the world to restore the relationship with God.

All the teaching of the apostles centred around Jesus, not doing his will but the Will of his heavenly Father, being one with God like we should become one with God.

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