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Welcome to this Christian blog.


2015 February the 7th the Free Christadelphians started a C4U (Christ For You) blog in addition to some other blogs they have already running for some time on the net.

Though the blog on wix.com did not have the links working at first, though they did work today February the 12th. Also adding photo's in the texts did not seem to work on the blog part. therefore we looked for an other means.


On our search for blogging possibilites we also came up onto Over-blog after we had found a solution by the already known to us WordPress.

There the name C4U was already in use as well as C4A or C4All, which made us decide to go for "Messiah for all".


Though on our search for blogging tools, we only could compare them by trying out the many blogging tools. This is why we also try out this one and will see how it goes.


Our quest for blogging tools you can follow in:


  1. Looking for Free Blogs and blogging
  2. Those who love Jesus
  3. A beginning with many false starts
  4. Starting block


After we found the blogging tools we had to take the following steps to compare them and to figure how they could generate visitors.


Having now a place here by Over-blog we want to give it a further chance and see how everything goes and works out.

What we would love to see is that we can reach as many people as possible to get them to know that special man from Nazareth.

We do know that not many people are really interested in him nor in his heavenly Father, but we do know that as times passes it becomes more and more important that people should get to know both Biblical figures.


If we can contribute into the spreading of the Good News, we shall be happe and pleased that we can be workinstruments in the Hands of God.


We want to stretch our hand out to you, in the hope you want to take it and give us a hand to cross over the wild rivers of this world.


Reaching out on the net
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